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Medical Staff

Meet our team of highly skilled professionals

Meet Our Team

Our Clinics has provided outstanding health to Texas since 1997 and our staff continues to provide the best health care services. As one of the most comprehensive health-care networks, our clinical offer the finest primary, secondary and tertiary health-care services.

In addition to providing quality health care, we are also proud of our academic training programs. These programs grant us a unique opportunity to collaborate across specialties and to participate in important research.

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  • Doctors
  • Counselor
  • Patient Assistant
  • Administrator

    Dr. Rany Cherian

    family physician

    Anthony Moran

    Patient Counselor

    Lorelei Hubbard

    Yoga & Meditation Counselor

    Selina Nigli

    Finance Manager

    Nuvia Dela Rosa

    Assistant Manager

    Alejandra Morfin

    Patient Assistant

    Mark Dakhwe

    Program Manager

    Rosana Pachuca

    Patient Assistant

    Kimberly Marchan

    Patient Assistant

    Tyler Kubala

    Assistant Finance Manager

    Brenda Ocanez

    Medical Records Manager

    Michael Evans

    IT Administrator

    Danielle Torres

    Patient Reception

    Angela Darnell

    Patient Reception

    Stephany Cruz

    Patient Assistant

    Raza Shaikh

    Patient Assistant

    Jackeline Pineda

    Patient Reception

    Linda Olivarez

    Patient Assistant